GM's Message

GM's Message

In a speech he delivered at the inauguration of the first branch office of Yapı Kredi in 1944, Kâzım Taşkent laid the foundations of the bank with the following words: “Great institutions such as ours hold two missions. The first one includes objectives that fall within the realm of their own area of operation, whereas the second entails serving the public. We have chosen culture and arts for the latter. Therefore, we are a bank of culture and arts.” Since that day, this philosophy has been upheld and embraced in the most natural manner.

As Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publications, we have made it our mission to popularize culture and arts, provide a more profound understanding of both, and reach larger audiences. In that respect, we see our publications, as well as our exhibitions and other similar endeavors, as parts of a whole. We publish books, organize panels, and hold children’s activities as part of our exhibitions. At times, we base exhibitions on our books. We work diligently and with much excitement to meet the cultural and artistic needs of a person, a school, a family, or a group of friends, to pique their interest, and allow them to enjoy fresh passions and new areas.

Our publishing journey, which began with "Doğan Kardeş" magazine in 1945, today holds a highly regarded place in the world of literature, philosophy, history, and art both through our books and our magazines. We published our 6110th title as of December 2022. We believe that this issue carries a historic value in the publishing world of Turkey. It signifies an important accumulation and growth. The future will only be a natural part of it.

Spanning different periods and styles, our exhibitions always present the best examples of their kinds. Exhibitions of archaeology, ethnography, and the “One Master, One World” series not only narrate the past to the viewers, but they also open up new horizons. We welcomed internationally acclaimed artists with the "Adventure İstiklal" exhibition series held at theKâzım Taşkent Art Gallery, which has been home to countless exhibitions ranging from figurative and abstract art to sculptures and installations; we address a new circle of art aficionados with this series supported by expansive artist monographs.

The near feature will witness significant changes in our building in Galatasaray. Until construction for a thorough restoration begins, we are striving to make the most of our space to continue pleasing our visitors. We will continue to hold exhibitions at different venues while our building is being renovated.

I hope that the light of art and books will shine brighter with your support and interest.

Tülay Güngen