A Chronological Journey of Yapı Kredi Publications

1945 The first issue of “Doğan Kardeş”, Turkey’s first children’s magazine, is published. Doğan Kardeş was continuously published for 33 years until 1978, then from 1988 to 1993, and lastly from 2008 to 2011, with a total of 1275 issues)

1946 Doğan Kardeş Publications commenced its publications with “17 Stories from Tolstoy” and continuously published approximately 500 books until 1988.

1947 “Aile”, a household magazine, is published (1947-52, 23 issues).

1953 Yapı Kredi Bank established Tifdruk Printing Co.

1956 The weekly magazine “Hayat” is published by Şevket Rado (last issue published in 1979). With the publication of “Hayat”, photogravure printing technology has been applied for the first time in Turkey.

1974 First issue of the periodical “Sanat Dünyamız” is published. “Sanat Dünyamız” is still being published bimonthly since 1988.

1988 Yapı Kredi Publications commenced publishing under its current name Yapı Kredi Yayınları (YKY).

1992 YKY launched its new series Kâzım Taşkent Classicals Series with Shakespeare’s “II. Richard”, and Cogito with Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze’s “What is Philosophy?”. YKY added İlhan Berk and Nezihe Meriç to its growing list of authors.

1993 YKY added Amin Malouf, Ece Ayhan and Tezer Özlü to its authors. First issue of the periodical “Kitap-lık” is published. “Kitaplık” is still being published bimonthly.

1994 First issue of Cogito, a periodical of thought, is published with its special theme “Secularism”. Cogito is still beeing published quarterly.

1995 Behçet Necatigil, Cemal Süreya, Gülten Akın and Füruzan joined YKY’s list of authors.

1996 Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık (YKKSY) was incorporated. YKY published James Joyce’s “Ulysses” with Nevzat Erkmen’s translation.

1998 YKY added Sabahattin Ali to its list of authors and published “Kürk Mantolu Madonna”.

1999 Marcel Proust is added to YKY’s list of authors. YKY published its 1,000th title “Aloşnâme”.

2002 Nâzım Hikmet, Turgut Uyar and Yusuf Atılgan are added to YKY’s list of authors.

2003 YKY added Orhan Veli, Vüs’at O. Bener and Tomris Uyar to its list of authors, and started publishing Delta Series with İlhan Berk’s “Toplu Şiirler”.

2004 YKY published its 2,000th title “İbn Battûta Seyahatnâmesi”.

2005 Yaşar Kemal and Edip Cansever are added to YKY’s list of authors.

2009 YKY published its 2,000th title: Kâzım Karabekir’s “Günlükler”.

2013 Orhan Pamuk joined YKY’s list of authors. YKY published its 4,000th title: Yaşar Kemal’s “Çocuklar İnsandır”.

2014 Orhan Veli and Oktay Rifat, the pioneers of the Garip -Strange- movement are commemorated with exhibitions on the centenaries of their births.

2015 Haldun Taner joined YKY’s list of authors. One of the biggest masters of our literature and theatre Haldun Taner’s books have started to be published by YKY and he was commemorated with an exhibition on the centenary of his birth. Özdemir Asaf was also commemorated with an exhibition on the centenary of his birth and his books were produced as special editions.

2016 Behçet Necatigil was commemorated with an exhibition on the centenary of his birth and his books were produced as special editions

2017 A gift from Yapı Kredi to Istanbul... With its new building Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts is embracing Galatasaray Square. Since the first exhibition held in 1964 our continuous support to the culture and arts continues from the same point.

2017 With its high ceiling, spacious structure YKY Beyoğlu Book Store, which is located on the ground floor of Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts, is an indispensible meeting point for book lovers. On the fifth floor of the building there is a brand new library for the bookworms. Books, manuscripts and rare publications are waiting for the visitors in here.

2018 Yapı Kredi Publications, reached the 5000th book with the number of titles. The 5000th publication titled “Nâzım’ın Cep Defterlerinde Kavga, Aşk ve Şiir Notları (1937-1942)” has been published.

2018 The cities, which Sabahattin Ali lived and visited, are meeting with the words that he wrote and photos that he took. The exhibition called “Couldn’t Accommondate Himself to the Cities: Sabahattin Ali’s Cities” met with the art lovers between 14th of February – 27th of April in the Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts.

2018 The exhibition called “Poetry Everywhere: İlhan Berk at 100” is organized at the occasion of the centenaries of İlhan Berk, a pioneer of Modern Turkish poetry. The exhibition met with the art lovers between 21th of November 2018 – 25th of January 2019 at Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts.

2019 Ahmet Ümit’s books are published by YKY.

2020 Quarterly periodical of thought “cogito” that started to publish in 1994, has reached the 100th issue.

2021 Orhan Pamuk received Sedat Simavi Literature Award with his new novel "Veba Geceleri".

2021 Edip Cansever's letters to Alev Ebüzziya were published with the title "İki Satır, İki Satırdır”

2021 Cevat Çapan received Yunus Nadi Award with his poetry book "Bir Başka Coğrafyadan".

2021 Faruk Duman's trilogy "Sus Barbatus!" has been completed.

2021 Ahmet Ümit's novel "Kayıp Tanrılar Ülkesi" has been published.

2021 Marcel Proust turns 150 years old.

2021 Demir Özlü passed away on 13 February in Stockholm.

2022 YKY published its 6000th title: "Kadîm ile Cedîd Arasında" written by Cem Behar.

2022 Literary periodical "Kitap-lık" entered its 30th year.

2022 Roger Norman and Javier Marias passed away.

2022 Orhan Pamuk's book "Uzak Dağlar ve Hatıralar" has been published.

2022 Ahmet Ümit's novel "Bir Aşk Masalı" has been published.

2022 Dag Solstad came to Istanbul as part of the ITEF Literature Festival.

2022 The first volume of André Gide’s diaries translated by Orçun Türkay has been published.

2022 Two volumes of Hulki Aktunç’s diaries have been published.

2022 "Topraktan Sofraya Sakarya Mutfağı" was awarded in The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the category of Culinary History.

2022 YKY was chosen as the publishing house of the year by the Baksı Culture and Arts Foundation.