Sabahattin Ali

Sabahattin Ali

Sabahattin Ali (February 25, 1907, Gümülcine (Komotini) – April 2, 1948, Kırklareli). Having graduated from the İstanbul School of Primary Teacher’s Training College, Sabahattin Ali was sent to Germany in 1928 by the Ministry of National Education after teaching in Yozgat for a year.  Upon his return to Turkey in 1930, Ali taught German in middle schools of Aydın, Konya, and Ankara, worked as a civil servant at the Publishing Directorate of the Ministry of Edycation, and as a dramaturge at the State Conservatory. He was recruited by the Ministry in 1945 and began releasing the weekly humor newspaper "Markopaşa" (pronounced "Marco Pasha") in İstanbul. He was arrested in 1948 for an article and served nearly three months in prison. He wanted to flee the country, as he was under constant surveillance, but he was killed near Kırklareli before he could pass the border. Having released his earlier essays in "Irmak" magazine (1925/26) in Balıkesir, Sabahattin Ali introduced a fresh realism to Turkish short story in the 1930s. His short-story books include "Değirmen" (The Mill; 1935), "Kağnı" (The Oxcart; 1936), "Ses" (The Voice; 1937), "Yeni Dünya" (The New World; 1943), and "Sırça Köşk" (The Glass House; 1947). His poems inspired by folk poetry were collectively published in "Dağlar ve Rüzgâr" (Mountains and Winde; 1934). In his novels "Kuyucaklı Yusuf " (Yusuf, the Taciturn; 1937), "İçimizdeki Şeytan" (The Devil Within; 1940), and "Kürk Mantolu Madonna" (Madonna with the Fur Coat; 1943), he allowed his readers to reach a more profound understanding of reality. The nine books he published when he was still alive and the play "Esirler" (Slaves; 1936) he originally published serially in Varlık magazine were republished as a seven-volume corpus by Varlık Yayınları (1965/66). "Bütün Eserleri" (Complete Works) was released first by Bilgi Yayınevi and later by Cem Yayınevi. Ali’s short stories were compiled by YKY in 1997 under the title, "Bütün Öyküleri" (Collected Short Stories). While "Kürk Mantolu Madonna" (1998), "Markopaşa Yazıları ve Ötekiler" (Markopaşa Essays and Others; 1998), "İçimizdeki Şeytan" (1998), and "Kuyucaklı Yusuf"un (1999) were republished, "Bütün Şiirleri" (Complete Poems) was released in 1999. Based on their first editions, his short stories were published in 2003 in separate books entitled, "Değirmen", "Yeni Dünya", "Sırça Köşk", and "Kağnı-Ses-Esirler”. A critical edition of "Bütün Romanları" (Complete Novels) was released from the Delta series in 2004. "Hep Genç Kalacağım" (I Will Always Be Young), a collection of letters to and from Sabahattin Ali was also added to the corpus in 2008. Éditions du Rocher published French translations of "Kuyucaklı Yusuf " (Youssouf le Taciturne) in 1997, "Kürk Mantolu Madonna" (La Madone au manteau de Fourrure) in 2007, and "İçimizdeki Şeytan" (Le Diable qui est en nous) in 2008. Sindlinger-Burchartz published Kağnı (Ochsenkarren) in 1991; Unionsverlag printed "İçimizdeki Şeytan" (Der Dämon in uns) in 2007;  and Dörlemann published "Kürk Mantolu Madonna’" (Die Madonna im Pelzmantel) in 2008.


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